Friday, August 05, 2005


Lame Jane Takes Another Stand With Totalitarians – Way ta go, Jane…

The tragi-comic farce of celebrity “anti-war” whining has resurrected an old icon of the genre – Jane Fonda.

As a devout anti-capitalist she has marketed videos and books on banal subjects like aerobics and, at one point, married a billionaire (nice flourish – though it didn’t last).

Jane can’t hold back her feelings on the Iraq invasion, she’s got to get out there again and “speak out” for the same cause she valiantly fought for during the Vietnam War – her own inflated ego.

This time around, to demonstrate some cohesiveness in her politically correct worldview, she’s going to ride around the country in an environmentally friendly vehicle (we’re told that it’s going to run on vegetable oil). Maybe her environmentally-friendly vehicle will make up somewhat for all the private jet flights she’s taken in her life, or all the lavish personal non-environmental friendly accoutrements in her less than humble homes.

What the hell is she thinking? …As if the United States and Britain etc. are going to turn Iraq over to terrorist thugs because some old washed-up Hollywood bitch thinks sympathy for dictatorship overrides common sense as a standard of excellence.

Maybe she can get a photo op posing with Al Zarqawi while he’s cutting someone's head off.

Here are some simple – to the point – facts for Jane and the “anti-war” crowd:

1. The war in Iraq already took place. The coalition won and the former government is no longer in power (though the war with Islamo-fascism continues across the globe).
2. There is currently an insurgency of (actually, largely foreign) terrorists who want to end the possibility of a free Iraq – an Iraq that is friendly with its neighbors and the world, and offers prosperity and progress to its citizens.
3. The citizens of Iraq have a chance of becoming a free, open, and successful society in coming years.
4. “Stop the war” (“pull our troops out now”) and the inevitable result would be a progression from the current numbers of innocents killed in terrorists strikes, to a full scale bloodbath with all hopes of a democratic Middle East down the drain (e.g. the current numbers of victims from terrorist assaults would be nothing compared to the result of handing Iraq over to Islamo-fascists).

Characters like Fonda may not like the fact that the war to remove Saddam Hussein occurred. Of course, she felt no need to “speak out” when Saddam was regularly and deliberately butchering innocents in his police state or when he attacked Kuwait. Now Jane's on a mission; stop the U.S. and the elected Iraqi government from resisting the insurgency. At this point, “stopping the war” (actually, letting a group of authoritarian terrorists restart it) has got to be one of the stupidest things anyone could possibly “recommend” (demand).

The fact that an old arrogant self-absorbed gas bag from Hollywood yester-year adheres to this line of thought actually makes perfect sense considering the delusional line of thinking that has come from the left in general;

Help Ho Chi Minh.
Help Bin-Laden.
Hinder the spread of democracy.

Jane Fonda – a real winner from the clown brigades of left-land.

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